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Olde English

Has anyone heard of the Olde English comedy troupe? They're a sketch comedy group originally hailing from Bard University. I discovered them two years ago and I really still enjoy them. They weren't really big then but they gained much more popularity recently with the video One Picture Every Day. They've also seemed to join up with the website Super Deluxe with some new sketches/videos, but unfortunately I haven't been able to view them on my computer for some reason. (They should be on the front page, but I think if you just search for "Olde English" they'll pop up). They usually perform in New York City, but I think they are starting to travel a bit more, though it's mainly for big comedy festivals.

Anyway, I am pretty impressed with the group for the most part. They would have their stages where it was a hit or miss, but in my opinion, I really think they have grown as performers and comedians. If you're interested in them, just take a peek in their website I think their most popular sketches and videos include Gym Class, Food Rap, Adam's Orange Stand, Like Children, Pokemon Day, etc, but I'd definitely check out the others. I'll include a short list of some of my favorites. But if you do watch, please discuss! I would be interested in hearing opinions, positive or negative.

Some personal favorites include:
-Pizza Delivery
-The Robbery (trilogy) 
-Memento (The College Years)
  <--might be helpful if you've seen the actual movie
-Playing Dead
-Dave's Day
-Vassar Protest
-Raizin & Adam Live Together (and if you liked this one, there's the "sequel" Hidden Messages)

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Olde English kicks ass. At their best, they're bending the rules of the genre (Food Rap, Adam's Orange Stand) in really smart and weird ways.
olde english is teh shit!!!!!!