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The Brutal Science of Funny
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HowIsThatFunny is here to help determine funny. Our goal is to find and refine comedy gold.

Anyone is welcome to join. As much as we'd all like to be in an exclusive club and tell ourselves we're a comedic TREASURE TROVE, we understand that being unlovable dicks rarely produces funny. And just because one person doesn't get it, doesn't mean it's not funny. So join! Rule 1: Don't be an unlovable dick! (note: lovable dicks = AOK.)

Community Topics:

------Comedy Fine-Tuning------
"Is there any word funnier than 'poop'?" (Answer: "No.")
"How can I improve the flow of this one-liner?"
Or just post your work and see if you get a response.

------Journal/Community Review------
If you think your stuff's consistently funny and you want
a little damn recognition, put your journal up for review.
Any member can vote Funny/Not Funny. If the majority
vote "Funny," you don't get special privileges, but you
do get featured in the Comedy Gold Club section of
the userinfo. The point is not to trash developing funny.
The point is direct attention to whatever's hilarious.

------Comedy Pimping------
Alert members to whatever's new and awesome in comedy.
Comedians, shows, movies, websites, writers, albums, anything.
If enough people like it, we'll add it to the memories.

------The Protest of What Is Not Funny------
Speaks for itself, dammit.

Comedy Gold Club

Come on, you timid bastards!

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